Test Magazine, photo by Harley Weir, styling by Camilla Pole

Camilla Pole has lived half of her life in London and the other half between Somerset, Saudi Arabia, Cyprus and Australia.
Now she’s an emerging stylist and consultant based in UK and she worked for the likes of Harpers Bazaar and Vogue, plus independent titles including B magazine and Jaime Perlman’s Test Magazine.

Could you please summarize your career and background?
Growing up my family traveled a great deal. I came back to live in London and study fashion at Central Saint Martins. I assisted many great fashion editors during this time. I then started work at 10 Magazine where I spent three years as Market Editor. I left 10 to go freelance and have since been independent for the last four years.

What are the references of your styling?
Nature is probably my biggest influence; it’s without limit.
But otherwise I think its best not to try and pigeon hole a particular aesthetic.
Ultimately I do what is true to me. It’s about creating a beautiful image.

What are your favorite places in your city that you’d recommend to visit?
The Shop at Bluebird  – www.theshopatbluebird.com
Daunt books  – www.dauntbooks.co.uk
Dean Street Town House – www.deanstreettownhouse.com
Atelier Mayer – www.atelier-mayer.com
Columbia road flower market
Petersham Nurseries – www.petershamnurseries.com
Lisboa Cafe
Waldour News in Soho for all the best magazines.

What is the collaboration you’re looking forward to? Why?
Every collaboration is exciting. It’s the opportunity to see things through someone else’s eyes and to work with some very talented people.

Would you ever change your job for something different? If yes, for what?
I think I’d like to work in nature conservation.

Future plans?
To create some beautiful imagery, make some money then emigrate to a tropical paradise.

Who is the woman you’d like to see featured/ interviewed here?
My dearest friend Hannah. She is half of JamesPlumb: www.jamesplumb.co.uk