Artwork by Rosemarie Auberson

Rosemarie is an illustrator and art director, she was born in Switzerland but she’s living in Paris since 16 years. She is best known for her expressive and minimal collages showing dreamy landscapes. She worked for brands like Hermès and Givenchy. Rachel Comey, New York based designer, used Rosemarie’s artworks as fabric prints for her Spring/Summer 2012 collection presented at the New York Fashion Week. Now she’s working on her third issue of Doolittle magazine, a french magazine about kids, trying to give it its new direction while pursuing her personal work.

Artwork by Rosemarie Auberson

What’s the latest project you have been working on? Was it inspiring?
I didn’t really work on it, but the designer Rachel Comey asked me one of my collage for a fabric print design. It was really inspiring to see the result, the way she has transformed the collage.

Could you please summarize your career and background?
After my studies, I began to work with Antoine Jean and Eric Pillaut, in their graphic and art direction agency (ex-Tdm, now called Funny Bones) for two years. I learned a lot with them. Then I started being freelance and doing illustration.

Artwork by Rosemarie Auberson

Your works span through different forms of expression, which one do you feel more comfortable with?
It depends, sometimes I prefer to work on my personal work being totally free, and sometimes, I find very exciting to work with people, exchange ideas, inspirations, doing some compromises for something I couldn’t imagine alone. But I like to create a project, an idea, its conception, from A to Z.

What is the collaboration you’re looking forward to? Why?
I don’t think that I am looking forward to doing something special, I prefer surprises.

Did someone inspire or guide your first steps?
Not really, I was just really attracted by art, photography and magazines.

Artwork by Rosemarie Auberson

What is the most common trouble in you job?
Doing to many compromises working for people who don’t really choose you for the good reasons. The result is always bad.

Did you ever visit a place that definitely changed you?
Japan. I am half-japanese and I am very influenced by this culture in spite of me.

Artworks by Rosemarie Auberson, installation view

Rosemarie Auberson, photo by Pascaline Buisson Dargant

Would you ever change your job for something different? If yes, for what?
Not yet! This job is very opened and gives a lot of choices.

Who is the woman you’d like to see featured/ interviewed here?
Sarah Braman.