Elizabeth McGrath

Elizabeth McGrath is a Journalist, Editor and Creative Consultant. She has recently relocated to her hometown of London after living in Berlin for 8 years. When she was just 24 she established the quarterly “Electronic Beats Magazine” for TMobile and successfully edited it for over 4 years. Lizzy (as she is known to her friends), is the founder and Chief Editor of BangBangBerlin.com which has become a reputable source on Berlin’s subcultural fashion, music and art scenes. She is also a freelance Creative Consultant, working for brands such as Converse and is a Contributing Editor to Highsnobiety.com. In the new year she is starting a full time role at Seven, a leading content marketing company, where she will be heading up a new website for them called Content HQ.  Find out more about Elizabeth after the jump!

Interview with Lianne La Havas by Liz McGrath, on Highsnobiety website

Could you please summarize your career and background? How did the idea for Bang Bang Berlin come about?
I studied English at Cambridge and my career so far has been focused on journalism and creating editorial content for brands. I am a creative consultant and I use my background in journalism to editorialize brands, (whether online or offline), in exciting and original ways that engage people and get them talking. I had the idea for Bang Bang Berlin because I thought there was a gap in the market for a website where all the international people who live in or like to visit Berlin could go to. I also wanted to give all the creative Berliners I knew a platform to show off their talents. There are still a lot of great things going on in Berlin, and I hope Bang Bang Berlin reflects, supports and is a part of that positive expression. Unfortunately one of the realities of moving back to London is that I’ve had less time for it -  this is one of the things I plan to fix in 2013, as it’s a great platform that still gets a lot of interest from people. In a perfect world a cool brand would take it over and employ a lovely new team of editorial staff! There are so many people who want to have their writings or pictures on Berlin published and it would be great to see them continue to have a voice on BangBangBerlin.

Bang Bang Berlin website homepage

Belvedere Vodka Night Shots cover

What influences and inspires you when choosing the features and contents for BBB?
We try and highlight a few of the most interesting events going on in Berlin every week, whether a gig, store opening or festival. For interviews and features we choose stories that have longevity, people who are passionate about what they do and do it authentically.

Could you please tell us more about your collaboration with Chorus+Echo?
Chorus and Echo is a global network of bloggers, which I’ve been part of a few years. It is actually part of Sense Worldwide, the creative strategy company I freelance for. Chorus and Echo curate intelligence and present the best articles and ideas from around the world-wide-web; it’s an excellent source for all things arts, design, style, travel, creative etc.

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What kind of project would you like to be involved in next? Why?
Right now I’m just really looking forward to starting my new job at Seven. I cant wait to get stuck in and make Content HQ a real stand-out success.

What is the most common trouble in you job? How do you cope with that?
Probably juggling lots of things at once! When you’re editing a website you have content coming at you from all sorts of different angles, which you have to be able to filter, organize and prioritize. You also have to juggle various social media channels and platforms not to mention timelines, budgets and freelancers. So being a bit of a professional juggler is a necessary skill! That said it’s a fun job and never boring. You just have to be organized and get plenty of sleep every night!

What are your favorite art/music venues now you’ve moved back to London?
In London I like The Nest on Kingsland Road because its just a little club yet it has this incredible soundsystem, so the atmosphere is always really good. And I like the party series called Love Fever, they do amazing parties with a lot of groovy sexy house music in unusual locations. Dalston Super Store is also good for a drink and downstairs for a dance if you don’t mind being packed in like sardines. East London is my hood, I don’t venture West very often at night – getting home just takes too long and is too expensive! I do enjoy going west in the daytime though – for shopping, museums and decent parks. I love the royal parks (Greenwich, Regents, Hyde, St.James) and the V+A Museum, The Barbican Centre, Tate Modern, etc.

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Could you please describe your house and neighborhood?
Currently I’m living in Wanstead, London E11. It’s quite a charming London village, on the far edge of East London. Go any further and you get to Essex. (ie: so don’t.) I’m staying in my dad’s house, which is empty while he lives in our house in Ireland. My grandparents were Irish and we renovated their little house out in County Mayo. It’s a great bolt-hole to have when you want to escape the city. The plan next year is hopefully for me to buy my own place, with a big fat mortgage of course. But I would really love to have a place of mine, I am sick of paying money to landlords. It will be somewhere East most likely. London Fields or maybe Borough or Hackney.

Who is the woman you’d like to see featured/interviewed here?
I would like to see something on Imtiaz Dharker, a truly wonderful poet.