The Wapping Project Bankside announces the first UK exhibition of Jacqueline Hassink’s acclaimed series View, Kyoto (2004 – 2011) this fall. Dutch visual artist Hassink is well-known for her interest in economic power and the spaces in which it is exercised, and staged. She was recently shortlisted for the prestigious Prix Pictet 2012 and Henri Cartier Bresson Award in 2013.  View, Kyoto – Hassink’s most evocative and visually seductive project to date, is a detailed photographic study of some of the most magnificent examples of traditional Japanese gardens surrounding the Buddhist temples of Kyoto. Hassink first visited Kyoto in 2001 and started working on her project in summer 2004. She initially visited 34 gardens, chose 19 and, after difficult negotiations, was allowed to photograph 12. She returned the following years, and, between 2004 and 2011, produced work in around 40 temples. The Wapping Project Bankside is presenting a selection of 10 large scale prints from the series, including works produced in the Hosen-in, Shoden-ji and Ryoan-ji temples of Kyoto, along with a video. Be there today at 18.30 for the private view and get full infos at the link below.