CaratteriMobili is an italian young and independent publishing company, born in 2010 in Bari. The project develops through four different series and two magazines. Their release “La città del sesso” will be presented by the author Leonardo Palmisano on May 8th at Circolo Passpartout in Bologna. Also remember they’re looking for new writers to submit their short stories to be published in their Cumshort series, this round’s theme is erotic literature, time is running out so you better hurry up!

How many people are involved in running CaratteriMobili?
CaratteriMobili involves “officially” four people: Arcangelo Licinio, Clara Patella, Grazia Turchiano and Elena Manzari. We have in common a great passion for the publishing trade and, for this reason, we decided, about a year ago, to stake ourselves in it, trying to create a new, original publishing project, which was also a cultural and political project, different from the other today’s publishing contexts. CaratteriMobili was born with this features: passion, challenge, pleasure and craziness. However, CaratteriMobili has a lot of friends and collaborators who give us their precious support.

How many books did you publish?
Until today we have in our catalogue five titles. The first book, which inaugurated our publishing house and, also, our series of history books, “Questioni di storia”, edited by Raffaele Licinio and Francesco Violante, is Castelli Medievali. Puglia e Basilicata: dai Normanni a Federico II e Carlo I d’Angiò by Raffaele Licinio. This is a scientific and academic series, but it is addressed to a greatest reading public, too. Then, we published Videosofia by Valentina De Carlo in “Formiche elettriche”, an innovative series dedicated to pop cultures of our contemporary. In the same series, La città del sesso by Leo Palmisano and Underground Zone: Dandy, Punk Beautiful People by Claudia Attimonelli and Antonella Giannone. Our series of literature and fiction, “Molecole”, is in collaboration with MacchiaUmana (a literary agency in Milan), and it is thought as a way to create an interesting dialogue among literature and other artistic languages (cinema, music, painting, cookery, ecc.). The first title of the series is 1975. Nonostante Pasolini, e purché Buzzanca non lo sappia, al liceale piacciono le donne by Franz Krauspenhaar. Besides, we have a cinema review online “Uzak”, edited by Luigi Abiusi and Francesca De Ruggeri.

What is your most underrated publication?
Luckily, all our publications have met a discreet success with the public and the critic, considering how difficult is today to stand out in a world (that of the publishing trade) which is very competitive. In our little reality we try to publish only books in which we believe both about the matter and about the shape. In other words: CaratteriMobili’s books reflect ourselves.

What is your last publication?
Our last publication is Underground Zone: Dandy, Punk Beautiful People by Claudia Attimonelli and Antonella Giannone: a book that the lovers of the underground culture and art can’t escape. The book speaks about the period from 1972 to 1979 (after the dissolution of the Velvet Underground and before the punk final seal), when the underground zone is lived by protocyborg, transformers, dandies, punks and all the beautiful people celebrated by Andy Warhol. The book is enriched by Paul Zone’s pictures, who, when he was only a teenager, used to take photos to these characters of the underground scene, Ramones, Blondie, Patty Smith, David Bowie, New York Dolls.