Zlata, photo by Katja Rahlwes

Berlin’s Galerie für Moderne Fotografie is hosting “Unknown Female Photographer” a mini-retrospective by German-born, Paris-based photographer Katja Rahlwes. The works are a mix of old and new, striking portraits and the uncannily alluring still lifes that are her signature. A return to basics after ten years working mainly in the fashion industry. Katja began her career as a stylist in the late 90s Parisian fashion scene, contributing to magazines like Purple and Self Service. But she wanted to do more than dress the models, and by 2005 was a photographer in her own right. A restlessness marks her career, evolving from Studio Berçot student to stylist to photographer. And now, to an independent artist questioning the ever-faster and more immediate fashion system. Check more pictures from the exhibition after the jump.